Surface Cleaners

Pressure Washer Surface Cleaners from 14″ – 30 ” made from Poly and Stainless steel. We offer a size and speed for every machine out there including Workshop, Commercial and Industrial.

Pressure Washer Surface Cleaner

We currently offer BE Power Washers Whirl-A-Way surface cleaners. The “True 20″ is our best seller. it has a 20″ Heavy Duty Polypropylene Cover with a spray bar that measures 19.5 inches. Most 20″ surface cleaners on the market have a deck that measures about 19.1 inches. So we basically offer a bigger better cleaner than ANY comparable model in this price range.

The stainless steel deck models have been at the top of their class for years. They include castors and again a larger deck than most that are considered the same size. The NEW 30” stainless units are available with a standard deck, a dual gun 2 in 1 water broom or a dual gun 4 in 1 with a water broom and side/spot cleaner nozzles.