Pressure Washer Pump with or without unloaders. We have ALL the major brands including Cat, AR, Comet, and General. Including the most reliable brands that we have sold in our Venice Store. You will notice after shopping with us that we favor AR as our preferred direct drive pump. As well as General for our belt drives. This is simply because I have serviced these pumps and know the companies to be top notch.

Pressure Washer Pump

It’s important to understand when choosing a pressure washer pump that each level of power or type of pump has its pros and cons. I like the Comet pump for 8 gpm machines because I have had success using it for long periods of time. I also know that AR and Cat produce some decent high volume units as well.

Unless you are replacing a pump you know you like. Contact USP and tell us about your machine and/or project and we will recommend the right pump for you.